Why buy a Moodsign for guys?

the moodsign is here to help you in 3 essential areas:

(1) Get Some! Eliminate the guesswork!
the moodsign will help you have more sex, and as one of our earliest reviewers said:

if I can have sex with my wife one more time this year, then $30 for a moodsign is definitively a worthy investment!”  - (Daniel S. from NYC)

The moodsign is used to flirt and to fight complacency. It doesn’t interfere with spontaneous sex. That being said, do not expect to just light your moodsign up and that your girlfriend or wife will magically get horny and go down on you. It would sound as sexy to her as you ringing a bell for sex.


(2) Get more sex! Understand her to get more opportunities!

When in a long-term relationship, the genius behind the moodsign is that it can help you understand why you are not getting enough sex! Let’s be very honest about this: we, guys, are not that smart when it comes to understanding women.  Maybe you have not gotten any for the last couple of weeks because you promised fifty times that you would fix something in the house or help with some household chore and you sort of forgot. But she did not and now she’s all frustrated and waiting for you to fulfill you promise. Both of you are expecting something from each other and you are building frustrations.

The moodsign is a tool for both of you in your relationship to communicate about your desires and also your frustrations. Once we talk about things, problems usually get solved.

Men can relieve stress with sex. Women are exactly the opposite: they have stressors and if these stressors have not been addressed, they will not be available for sex. Use the moodsign as a tool to understand your woman’s stressors and use the moodsign as a reminder to address them.

Remember that, according to a Working Mother survey, ”63% of working moms want more sex!”  (*)

We recommend that you read 2 of our posts entitled: “What can I do for five minutes today to make my partner’s life better?” (**)  and “How to use the Quid Pro Quo cards?” (***)


(3) Have fun! Try something new

Did you know that 83.6% of people are interested in trying something new in the bedroom? (****)

The Moodsign sex card game is designed for couples to explore new activities in the bedroom, break sex routines, and communicate about their desires. There are 3 types of cards:

  • the sex cards. None of them require expensive toys or lengthy setups and we’ve tried to mix things so that we go from back to the basics (kissing/touching/romantic) to things in the realm of sensual light BDSM, Fifthy Shades of Grey-ish. All cards were written by a women sexpert and are very female-friendly. Focus, for example, on Climax Change, Sticky Rice and Take My Breath Away, these are things that most couples likely have never tried before!
  • the Quid Pro Quo cards. As stated above men need to address women stressors so that can both be happy. The qui pro quo cards are there to help communicate in a playful way with your partner. 
  • the blank cards. Because sex tastes are so different, we had to give the option to couples for them to write their own fantasies and express their unique desires. There are 12 blank cards in the starter deck but we actually offer an additional deck of cards entirely made of 52 blank cards.

moodsign card game


(*) http://www.examiner.com/article/the-end-of-spontaneity

(**) http://blog.themoodsign.com/what-can-i-do-for-five-minutes-today-to-make-my-partners-life-better/

(***) to be published soon 

(****) http://blog.themoodsign.com/try-something-new/

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