The moodsign strip poker game

Did you know that the moodsign game is actually derived from a version of strip poker which some of us played in college? The goal of strip poker, as we all know, is to strip naked the other person in front of you. It’s definitely a fun way to initiate sex.

An alternative version of strip poker allows players to try to get their clothes back by betting “dares”. Each player secretly writes on folded pieces of paper things that they’d like to do to each other, then they can use them as “money” in the game, instead of trading pieces of clothing. It is a still great way also to initiate sex, but it makes the game particularly arousing if you know that the other player will have to perform certain things if you win the game.

Warning to inexperienced ladies: men usually cheat at strip-poker! It’s a fact. Beware! :-)

If you think about it, the moodsign game is very similar to the one above. You could therefore play the following game which we’re gonna call the moodsign strip poker game:

Play the alternative strip poker game mentioned above but instead of little pieces of paper both players use moodsign game cards as “dares” or “exchange” money. Before the game starts each player can select 6 or more cards. One card can be traded to the other player for a piece of clothing. It allows a player to get undressed more slowly or it gives him or her a chance to come back in the game… or fully succumb to his or her partner in crime! Finally, once a player loses, the moodsign device can be used to randomly select which dare card will be played first!

Going “all in” has never been so exciting!

Photographer Willie B. Thomas


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