The benefits of Orgasm for Men: look younger, be healthier and live longer.

During our recent podcast with Doctor Gloria Brame, she mentioned the following facts:

Dr. Brame says an orgasm a day keeps the hospitals and death away. […] I tell my clients quite often, if they can have sex at least 3 times a week, of any kind, with an orgasm, it doesn’t matter how they’re getting their orgasm. But if they can remember to do that 3 times a week, according to all the medical science, they’re improving their chances at longevity and improved health.[...] for men especially, it’s essential. We have a lot of studies of men over 40 and we know it reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack and prostate cancer if you have sex or orgasm 3 times a week.”    (Ref:

We had to dig a little bit deeper and after some research on the internet we found out that sex does carry health benefits that can make men look younger, healthier and live longer.

According to researches, men who have more sexual orgasm have lower risk from heart related diseases, strokes and cancer. Through the conducted surveys, it was estimated that men who have 3 times a week orgasm looks younger than those men who were abstained from sex.

One doctor named Michael Roizen declared that the more orgasm men had, the healthier they can be. To contradict this statement, there are some experts who said that too much orgasm is not that good because it can drain men and can bring tension in the long run. Around 3 times a week is enough for men to maintain their youthful glow.

Prostate cancer. This cancer is very common to men. 3-4 times ejaculation in a week can lessen the risk to 30% according to scientific studies. “Disease-causing toxins build up in the man’s urogenital tract and when he rubs one out, he flushes the bad guys out of his system, says Gloria Brame, PhD, a clinical sexologist.”

Heart attacks. During orgasm, the bloodstream is flooded with beneficial hormones such as oxytocin and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Oxytocyn can enhance bonding and reduces stress and can lead to goodnight sleep, while DHEA is a steroid which can reduce heart attack particularly to older men.

Immune system. Orgasm can also boost immune system which helps men combat colds, flu and other viral diseases according to some studies. One study showed that men tend to have higher immunoglobulin A (IgA) if they have 2-3 times orgasms in a week. IgA is important to combat against viruses. Men who have abundant sexual activity tend to have lesser chances to suffer fatal diseases.

Weight Loss. A 30-minute dance between the sheets will typically burn about 200 calories, about the same amount as spending 30 minutes on the treadmill. Comparatively, however, sex tends to work a variety of different muscle groups, as well. So, it’s not just about the cardio — it might be more helpful with those abs, too.

According to British Journal in 1997, after studying around thousand men, it was discovered that men who orgasm around 3 times a week have 50% lower mortality risk compared to men who orgasm few times in a month.

According to scientists, other benefits of orgasm may include stronger sexual muscle, longer control and more numbers of sperm cells.Therefore, we have to conclude that eating an apple a day and having an orgasm three times a week can definitely keep the doctor away! :-)


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