Sexy Holiday Shopping

It’s time to start your holiday shopping and for us at the moodsign that means even more opportunity to share with your partner the timeless gifts of love, romance and intimacy! Hey you’re here so you know the moodsign is all about adding spice and spontaneity to relationships, that’s our gift to you. But we want you to have even more sexy fun and better times with your partner, and that’s why we hand-picked these great (and fairly inexpensive) gifts to consider this season:

1.      50 Shades of Gray starter kit ($34.99) — if your wife or girlfriend read “50 Shades of Gray” you may want to get a starter kit inspired from the book. Includes a grey silk tie (of course), handcuffs, a leather whip, satin blindfold and 2 “contracts” to best suit her desires

2.      The Revel Body Sonic Vibrator ($179.99) – finally something new in the world of vibrators! Revel realized that every single vibrator on the market uses the same kind of rotary engine and decided to invent a new engine emitting pulsating vibrations. Some users call it the “little Death Star of Pleasure”. It’s a very female friendly design and offers some new sensations

3.      The Liberator BonBon ($79.99) – you could spend $1,500 on the Sybian made famous by Howard Stern, or surprise your partner with the less expensive Liberator bonbon. It’s a simple piece of furniture which can be transformed into a stimulating Sybian-like experience

4.      Sidetour ($20 to $299.99): Create and share a special and uniquely romantic experience (in any city), like “step inside an underground poetry speakeasy” to “learning about vegetarian cooking” or “cruising around Manhattan in a private sailboat

5.      Massage Table ($89 to $299): going to the Spa together is a great treat but what if you turned your own living room or bedroom into your own private Spa. Run a nice bubble bath, turn on some light music (there is a great Spa channel on Pandora) and chill some champagne. While your partner is relaxing, pull the massage table from its hiding place, light up some candles, warm up the massage oil and surprise them when out of the bath

6.      The Avocado App ($1.99): Avocado couples can privately message, create to-do lists, send faces, sketch and take part in virtual hugs and kisses, or upload “Photocons” to archive relationship milestones, share on Twitter. Based on the avocado, a tree that only produces fruit when grown alongside another tree of its kind, this is a great app for app is looking for lifelong love

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