Sexless America?

According to a Durex’s international sexual survey which polled around 26,000 people over 26 countries, the United States is the third country having the least amount of sex in the world! Only 53% of Americans are having sex weekly – and about 48% of the people in America are satisfied with their sex lives.

Last is Japan with 34% having sex weekly, only 15% of Japanese are happy with their sex lives.  And according to some reports, 45% of women and around 36% of young men in Japan report that they’re uninterested in sex.

On the other end of the spectrum, some counties such as Brazil and Greece report that between 82% and 87% of their population is having sex weekly.

The moodsign is a tool to increase communication and frequency of sex for couples. 90% of all communication in a relationship is non verbal. Because the moodsign makes non-verbal communication more efficient, couples talk more, avoid misunderstandings and create more opportunities to initiate sex.



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