Sexless America 2

Great Sex

The Huffington Post adds an interesting perspective to us. At least we assume that young couples have a lot of sex. The moodsign is about initiating sex and finding new ways to flirt, communicate desires and increase the frequency of sex while managing a hectic life schedule. It’s about couples who had tons of great sex when they were younger and now still have great sex but less because of routine and usually a crazy day to day life of going to work and raising a family.

We recommend (again) reading this great funny review of the moodsign by a couple with kids Denise and Ken.

This article from Huffington Post is sort of fascinating to us because it brings this Sexless Relationships thing to a new level. It won’t bring us any new customers that’s for sure, but it should make couples (young or old) cherish and appreciate this wonderful gift given to the human species: great sex!

They have a long video conversation on why young couples have sexless relationships featuring our friend Twanna Hines (aka funkybrownchick).

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