Product Video Review – Chuck and Jo’Ann Bird

Drs. Chuck and Jo’Ann Bird, Board Certified Clinical Sexologists released a product video review of The Moodsign Device and The Moodsign Game!

“This month we were sent a great product to review from MoodFlag, LLC. Just a reminder, each product is rated, by our testers (2 couples), using The Love Bird’s Feathers Rating Scale(TM):(…) On the website it states “Spice Up Your Sex Life!” The Moodsign is a simple, easy to use, discreet and non-verbal device designed to help couples signal and communicate their desire to make love and have sex. So often couples either initiate sex in ways that are not a turn on to their partner such as, “Hey, want to have sex tonight?” or their initiations simply get missed. The Moodsign device helps avoid these problems(…)”

Download a pdf version: click here
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