In Relationships Non Verbal Communication Is 90% Of All Communication

At the beginning of a relationship, couples are all about talk. We talk about who we are, our past, our future, our beliefs, our hopes, our hobbies, our families and everything under the sun. As relationships grow and routine settles in, couples tends to be less verbal and to rely more and more on non verbal communication.  We assume that we know each other so well that our partner should naturally be able to interpret our body language and address any of our displayed signs. Most of the time we do interpret each other’s signs correctly, but sometimes we don’t, and it may lead to frustrations and misunderstandings.

The Moodsign has been designed specifically to address this aspect of relationships. It can be thought as a reversed engineering tool which uses non verbal signs to indeed start a verbal conversation about desires or frustrations.

We found an interesting video about that subject on YouTube from Scott Ketring, PhD, MFT entitled: How much attention should I pay to my partner’s non-verbal communication? He explains the differences in male and female communication styles, and how their underlying motives differ, and how easy it is to blow it when you’re not really paying close enough attention. 



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