Initiating Sex With the MoodSign

Couples who are in a long term relationship rarely spontaneously make out on the couch anymore. Once kids arrive, initiating sex becomes more complicated as it is out of question to surprise a spouse at the door wearing sexy lingerie or to transform the living room into a private spa. Most of the time life gets in the way and initiating sex becomes a planned event (Saturday night?)

The Moodsign offers couples an alternative between spontaneous sex and planned sex. The use of the Moodsign brings an element of surprise to each partner. For example, back from work, a husband changing clothes in the master bedroom can be pleasantly surprise to see the Moodsign lit up as he understands that although his wife cannot greet him at the door in sexy lingerie anymore. A spouse going to bed late could be pleased to see the Moodsign lit up on the nightstand, knowing that he can wake up his spouse in the middle of the night.

The use of different colors can add also tons of excitement: Blue can mean “bubble bath”, Green “cuddling watching mindless TV” ,  Pink: “foot massage” (while watching mindless TV, this can be a winning combination) or Purple: “surprise” (a nice bottle of wine and/or a new sex toy?)

Each couple has to find their own codes, as some people do not like massages, do not find watching mindless TV relaxing, or do not drink alcohol.

Denise: “Yeah, the secret code thing is way fun; it’s like being a kid again. I know it sounds silly, but why shouldn’t sex be fun and even a little silly from time to time? There was this one time that Ken and I got our signals crossed, so to speak. I was expecting a back rub and he was expecting a blowjob. Instead of getting all freaked out when we realized the mix up, we just laughed and laughed. In the end, he got what he wanted and I got what I wanted. Why didn’t someone think of this before now?  (Read more at:

Finally the Moodsign comes also with an optional, but surprisingly original, sex game because shouldn’t we all sometimes try something new:



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