How to use the Moodsign to initiate sex or a conversation

This post has been updated as of 11/1/2013.

The moodsign arms can be lit up in 6 different colors (yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and green).

There are 4 ways to use the moodsign to signal specific moods in order to facilitate the initiation of sex.

(1) The colors have no specific meaning: each person chooses a color of his or her liking. When the arm is up and lit that color, it means game on!

(2) The colors mean some form of sexually positive mood:
- Blue: “bubble bath”
- Green: “cuddling watching mindless TV” (Yes – it means, for example, for a husband to watch Project Runaway with his wife)
- Pink: “foot massage” (while watching mindless TV, this can be a winning combination)
- Red: “hot sex” (someone is very horny)
- Purple: “surprise” (whether it is going on a date or bringing home something, like a nice bottle of wine or a new sex toy)
- Orange: “let’s try something new” (why not play a round of the moodsign game?)

Each couple has to find their own codes, as some people do not like massages, do not find watching mindless TV relaxing, or do not drink alcohol.

Updated 11/10/13: Here’s for example how independent reviewers Denise and Ken used their moodsign:

Denise: “Yeah, the secret code thing is way fun; it’s like being a kid again. I know it sounds silly, but why shouldn’t sex be fun and even a little silly from time to time? There was this one time that Ken and I got our signals crossed, so to speak. I was expecting a backrub and he was expecting a blowjob. Instead of getting all freaked out when we realized the mix up, we just laughed and laughed. In the end, he got what he wanted and I got what I wanted. Why didn’t someone think of this before now? 

(Read more at:

(3) The colors can signal either a positive or a negative mood:

- Yellow: “do not feel great, whether physically or psychologically”
- Orange: “not physically available for sex” (menstruation?)
- Red: “not psychologically available for sex” (PMS?)
- Blue: “want to cuddle”
- Green: “want to play”
- Purple: “want to have sex”
The idea is to initiate some verbal communication with the help of non-verbally communicating a feeling with a color. Therefore your partner, who may otherwise have been totally oblivious to your state of being or to your body language, has then the opportunity to address potential stress or issues and help. For example, maybe the husband is horny that night, but when he sees that his wife lit up the moodsign in orange, instead of trying to get in her pants, he then decides to help her around the house.

Updated 11/10/13: here’s another example, how independent reviewers Denise and Ken used their moodsign:

Ken: “And then we designated a code for the colored lights to correspond to the kind of intimacy we were into — ‘cuddling,’ ‘making-out,’ ‘sensual massage,’ ‘fucking,’ that sort of thing.”

Denise: “I suggested that we reserve one color for non-sexual communication, like when we get into argument. We could signal to one another that we are ready to talk about whatever it was that set us off. The more we used the Moodsign, the more versatile it became. I found it really delightful and amazingly helpful.”

(Read more at:

(4) The Colors are used to play the moodsign game:


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