How to stop an argument with the simple practice of gazing

Couples argue. The common wisdom is that we should try to use words to address our partner’s feelings but sometimes verbalizing issues end up in a 3 hour argument which spirals out of control and each side gets hurt. How can we stop this? Amazingly, sometimes, the solution may be non verbal!

We recently attended a Tantra Roundtable with experts Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson who showed us a great technique called gazing which they use each time they sense a conflict is about to arise. It is a quiet non verbal exercise which allows both people to reconnect emotionally and even helps to continuously fall in love if practiced regularly

Please watch the video:

Most people think of Tantra as some sort of erotic bodyrub but that it is much much more than that. Tantra is an ancient Indian philosophy of life which resembles Buddhist and we hope that Mark and Patricia did make you want to learn more. You can visit their website at:



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