Tip Of The Month: Have An Affair… With Your Spouse!

How many times have you heard of an affair involving a spouse meeting his or her secret lover at a hotel during lunch break? Why cheat when you can do the same thing with your spouse? Whether your budget allows it one a year, once a quarter or once a month, book a hotel room and meet your spouse for impromptu sex. Whether it is at a 5 start hotel fine, a Motel 6 fine or meeting back at your house, it does not matter. Invent an excuse to your boss and colleagues, fake a doctor appointment, do whatever is needed.

The Benjamin Hotel in New York City offers a romantic package including a moodsign (http://www.thebenjamin.com/Special.aspx?name=In-the-mood).


Since most hotels do not offer a moodsign, and if you are out of ideas on how to spice things up for your quickie, you can always bring your own moodsign with his game. There is a great App to book last minute hotels with great discount prices: http://www.hoteltonight.com/

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