DrDick.com recommends the moodsign

2 months, Dr Dick from drdicksextoyreviews.com asked one of his couples to test the moodsign, which he called “the new non-sex sex toy for couples!“. Denise and Ken just published their independent review and we recommend that you read it as it truly captures the essence of what the moodsign is about.

As a teaser, their review begins like this:

Ken: “When Dr Dick asked us to review the moodsign, I asked him; ‘what the hell is it?”

and it finishes like that:

Ken: “Ya know; as strange as this sounds, the moodsign has actually improved our communication skills. I guess sometimes a unassuming gadget, like the moodsign, can make a pretty big change in a relationship.”

Denise: “I’m so glad that Ken decided to give this thing a try. Besides opening the door to lots more sex and intimacy between us, it pointed the way to how much more enriching our lives together can be when we talk to each other. And sometimes non-verbal communication is the first step to verbal communication.”

Ken: “Both Denise and I wholeheartedly recommend the moodsign.”

The entire article is a must readClick here to read.

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