the Moodsign: top 10 sexy gift for her this Xmas mentioned the moodsign as one of the top 10 gifts for her this Xmas “This is one of those ideas that make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The moodsign is a fun and really simple way for couples to flirt, tease and arouse their partner or avoid mixed signals on those […]

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“[the moodsign] is a great way of keeping it hot and increasing the depth of intimacy between you. It reminds you to regard one another the way you did before life got messy. Pick up the moodsign and make some time for your marriage.”


Reid Mihalko digs The Moodsign

Reid Mihalko’s comments about the moodsign: “Great idea. Like the execution. Makes sense. Like the multi-colored arms, too. It’s silly enough to be engaging AND the scenario I think many people can relate to.” (…] “overall, I think it’s neat and simple and needed.” Reid’s website:


Product Video Review – Chuck and Jo’Ann Bird

Drs. Chuck and Jo’Ann Bird, Board Certified Clinical Sexologists released a product video review of The Moodsign Device and The Moodsign Game! “This month we were sent a great product to review from MoodFlag, LLC. Just a reminder, each product is rated, by our testers (2 couples), using The Love Bird’s Feathers Rating Scale(TM):(…) On […]


Product Review – Get Lusty

Couple with the moodsign device

Has asking for sex ever been awkward? Were you not-quite-sure or did you not want to ask? How about a solution to solve that life problem of not knowing whether you both want to make love! The Moodsign wants to make sexual communication simple. If you’re curious about how they do it, check out their fun and interesting solution below! – See more at: