We’re proud to announce that Richard Wagner’s team from Dr Dick Review named the Moodsign Best Product For Couples For 2013. “We reviewed some amazing adult products and toys this year in all the remaining four categories. So coming up with the very best in each category was a bit of a challenge. But despite the […]

Read more... Tests The Moodsign recently assigned one of their writers, Bobby Box, with the task of every man’s wet dream: to try out a huge collection of sex toys with a girlfriend and recommend the best ones! I am kidding you not! The great news for us is that they selected the moodsign as one of the products for […]


Heather Speaks Out Loves the Moodsign

“Me and my husband have been together almost 22 years and to be able to have something like this where we can tell each other our moods has been great, even my husband likes using it. We have grown a little bit closer and have communicated better too.”


Tyomi Morgan Grades the Moodsign: “Totally Awesome!”

Tyomi Morgan: “This “non sex” sex toy gets an “Totally Awesome” grade because of its simple design, easy to understand instructions and its ability to turn sexual arousal into an enjoyable game. Any couple looking for a change in pace and fresh ideas to diversify their sexual relationship should definitvely grab a Moodsign and keep it in the bedroom as a reminder to GET IT ON, creatively and safely of course.”


See, Shop, Love Reviews The Moodsign

“The idea behind it is so simple, but as anyone who has been in a relationship can attest, communication isn’t always clear, so a tool like this can avoid frustration or mixed signals.” “I think that the moodsign is a really fun tool and game for any relationship. Communication is key when it comes to […]

Read more... Calls the Moodsign “Smexy!”

Roland Barthes described plastic as the everyday mercury, the alchemical substance. Sly, only half there, existing on lingo and the idea of form. The Moodsign, a new sex toy from MoodFlag LLC, is a small, plastic rectangle with curved edges and two light-up arms that come out from its sides, almost like a doll. Smexy. […]

Read more... recommends the moodsign

2 months, Dr Dick from asked one of his couples to test the moodsign, which he called “the new non-sex sex toy for couples!“. Denise and Ken just published their independent review and we recommend that you read it as it truly captures the essence of what the moodsign is about. As a teaser, their review […]