Tests The Moodsign recently assigned one of their writers, Bobby Box, with the task of every man’s wet dream: to try out a huge collection of sex toys with a girlfriend and recommend the best ones! I am kidding you not! The great news for us is that they selected the moodsign as one of the products for review and, although we are not a sex toy company, we were delighted to be among, in their words, “the most reputable sex toy companies around the world ”

What could have turned into some hardcore porn experience became something surprisingly softcore. To his own admission, Bobby had never used a sex toy prior to writing the article. “Nor,” he writes, “did I have the desire to.” Moreover, what should have been one of the most exciting assignments of his career was described by Bobby as almost a chore (albeit one he had “absolutely no qualms about”). (I know – it sounds absolutely crazy to most older men in long term relationships.) As the title clues you into, “Intimidated By Sex Products” is basically the journey of an inexperienced young man in his early 20s as he begins to understand that sex toys can enhance any relationship.

The article greatly entertaining and worth the read:


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