A Complete Paradigm Shift On Female Sexual Desire

A new book shows that “women’s sexuality is not the rational, civilized and balancing force it’s so often made out to be — that it is base, animalistic and ravenous, everything we’ve told ourselves about male sexuality”.

It is interesting because the moodsign philosophy is that all couples love each other and would love to make love to each other but that their only obstacle to bliss is routine and initiating sex. The moodsign is a new tool to give couples new options to initiate sex and ideas to break routine. Then, the beauty of love and our deep “animal” instincts will take over!


Author Daniel Bergner uses groundbreaking sex research to show that the way we have been thinking about female sexuality is totally outdated and wrong, in his new book entitled: “What Do Women Want?: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire”.

That brings up another theory, which is that there’s something “narcissistic” about women’s desire. Can you explain the thinking behind that idea?

Yes, it’s important to underline here that I don’t think Marta Meana, who first introduced that to the conversation, meant narcissistic in a condemnatory or critical way at all, just in a descriptive way that a really powerful engine for female desires is being desired, is being wanted. It’s both — it is a powerful feeling, I think, to have that level of desire coming at you, and an electrifying one.

Read more at: http://www.salon.com/2013/06/02/the_truth_about_female_desire_its_base_animalistic_and_ravenous/


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