5 Ideas To Beat Routine In Your Marriage


When in a long-term relationship, life can sometimes get in the way of passion and routine takes over many aspects of our lives, including our sex lives. We don’t spontaneously make out on the couch anymore and initiating sex sometimes ends up as a dull “Hey, do you want to have sex tonight?” We know that we need to break the vicious cycle of routine. Here are some very unique ideas on how to spice up your sex life and put some fire back into your relationship.

[1] Go on dates
Going on dates doesn’t necessarily involve going for dinner at a fancy restaurant. It can happen during the day. Leave the kids at a friend’s house for a playdate while you head to a bar or restaurant, watch a movie, shop, or simply relax for a couple of hours.
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[2] Take time away from each other
Interestingly, this is the other side of the same coin as going on dates, it is also important to allocate  some time away from each other. It can be a guys’ or girls’ night out but what’s important here is to each have time for your own separate activities or to just chill-out.

[3] Participate in household chores
One of the most effective ways for a husband to get some is to help his spouse with household chores. It is important for the both of you that you communicate with her on her needs and, for the husband to go the extra mile be it cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floor, helping with dinner or putting the kids to bed.
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[4] Surprise each other
Try new things in bed depending on your level of experience and comfort, from buying lingerie or a new sex toy. But this isn’t just about coming up with mind-blowing sexual experiences, it is also about finding unique things to do together, and creating memories from going to a museum or visiting art galleries, to going to a concert or trying a new sport or activity together (rock climbing, crossfit, yoga, the possibilities are endless!)
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[5] Use a reminder
A great way to do this is to use a device like the moodsign. When was the last time one of you lit it up? What if I offered to take care of the kids tonight while she takes a bubble bath? For more ideas, you could even use one of the suggested bedroom activities from the optional card game.

The moodsign is a new innovative non-verbal communication device designed to give couples more alternatives to initiate sex than the usual “Hey! Wanna have sex tonight?”. Raise one arm of the device and it lights up to let your partner know that you are in the mood for something. The moodsign is a fun communication tool and a reminder that we must fight routine. It comes with a game that offers many suggestions on how to communicate and spice things up in the bedroom and beyond

For more information about the moodsign, click here: www.themoodsign.com


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