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See, Shop, Love Reviews The Moodsign

“The idea behind it is so simple, but as anyone who has been in a relationship can attest, communication isn’t always clear, so a tool like this can avoid frustration or mixed signals.” “I think that the moodsign is a really fun tool and game for any relationship. Communication is key when it comes to […]

Read more... Calls the Moodsign “Smexy!”

Roland Barthes described plastic as the everyday mercury, the alchemical substance. Sly, only half there, existing on lingo and the idea of form. The Moodsign, a new sex toy from MoodFlag LLC, is a small, plastic rectangle with curved edges and two light-up arms that come out from its sides, almost like a doll. Smexy. […]


The moodsign strip poker game

Did you know that the moodsign game is actually derived from a version of strip poker which some of us played in college? The goal of strip poker, as we all know, is to strip naked the other person in front of you. It’s definitely a fun way to initiate sex. An alternative version of strip […]


Why buy a Moodsign for guys?

the moodsign is here to help you in 3 essential areas: (1) Get Some! Eliminate the guesswork! the moodsign will help you have more sex, and as one of our earliest reviewers said: “if I can have sex with my wife one more time this year, then $30 for a moodsign is definitively a worthy investment!”  - […]

Read more... recommends the moodsign

2 months, Dr Dick from asked one of his couples to test the moodsign, which he called “the new non-sex sex toy for couples!“. Denise and Ken just published their independent review and we recommend that you read it as it truly captures the essence of what the moodsign is about. As a teaser, their review […]