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the Moodsign: top 10 sexy gift for her this Xmas mentioned the moodsign as one of the top 10 gifts for her this Xmas “This is one of those ideas that make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The moodsign is a fun and really simple way for couples to flirt, tease and arouse their partner or avoid mixed signals on those […]

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“[the moodsign] is a great way of keeping it hot and increasing the depth of intimacy between you. It reminds you to regard one another the way you did before life got messy. Pick up the moodsign and make some time for your marriage.”


Japan’s Sexless Youth

Relationships are a lot of work indeed but it seems that an entire generation of Japanese people has gone to the extreme and simply stopped having sex! Here’s a fascinating article in the Guardian by Abigail Haworth entitled: Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? Some stats from the article: 61% of unmarried men and 49% of […]


Try something new!

83.6% of people are interested in trying something new in the bedroom: “The majority of the respondents (57.9%) were entirely interested in trying something new in the bedroom that their partner suggested with an additional 25.7% mostly or somewhat interested in trying something new.” - Good in Bed Survey Report #1 on the Relationship Boredom Survey The […]


How to make stress your friend

Stress is not only a major health issue but also extremely detrimental to relationships. What if we could turn stress into something positive? Here’s a fascinating TED speech from Kelly McGonigal,  entitled: “how to make stress your friend”.