The moodsign has found its perfect place within Groupon

the Moodsign sold on Groupon

The moodsign was lonely among a zillion other products on Ebay and Amazon and lost in their broad Sexual Wellness category. Luckily, the super smart people at Groupon have created very specific segments within the Sexual Wellness area including a sub-category called “Mood Setters” where the moodsign now fits perfectly. Your can now get your […]


How The Moodsign Can Help TTC

fertility monitor

Conceiving a baby should never [ever!] feel like a chore for either the man or the woman. Unfortunately, after trying unsuccessfully to conceive for a long time, the process often begins to turn sour. It always starts out like gang busters over the first several months, but over a period of time the whole activity […]


Is your Cell Phone Ruining Your Sex Life?

Young couple using smart phones in bed

Men who carry phones for 4 hours a day are more likely to be IMPOTENT, study claims Researchers found a link between mobile usage and erectile dysfunction They studied 20 men who had issues with impotence, plus 10 healthy men There was no significant difference between age, weight and testosterone Men with erectile problems did […]


More Sleep = More Sex!


  Fatigue ruins our sex drive. Going to bed together early is key to bonding and, ultimately, having more sex. If you have a limited amount of vacation and feel exhausted, why not try catching on sleep? Every quarter, push yourself to go to bed early every night for an entire week and get a minimum of 8 […]


Initiating Sex With the MoodSign

initiating sex_bubble bath

Couples who are in a long term relationship rarely spontaneously make out on the couch anymore. Once kids arrive, initiating sex becomes more complicated as it is out of question to surprise a spouse at the door wearing sexy lingerie or to transform the living room into a private spa. Most of the time life […]